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Thursday, March 9

Pierle Scholarship Application

Paid research position finacially supported by the Pierle Family Foundation Partake in 2 years of paid academic research centered around...

Students who are Moms

Students who are Moms will meet on Thursday, March 9, 2023, 3:30 pm, in the cafeteria space across from the cafeteria in RAGS. If you are...

Texas Rising Voter Registration  Tabling

Stop by to check your voter registration! Learn about the Texas Ledge and more!

Career Coach Drop-in Hours

Come ask your career questions! Drop by the Dujarié Hall lobby to meet with a Career Coach for 10-15 minute career support. All majors...

ACS General Meeting

Join our monthly ACS meeting!

Movie Night!

Self-explanatory, right? Come watch a fun movie, and be welcome to discuss it once it's done!


Join us to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! Have an intention? INFO: Andrew Moncada,

ISA Board Game Night!

Bring your friends to kick back and have fun while playing board games! Snacks will be available in addition to board games provided by...

APO Chapter meeting (Cancelled)

Weekly meeting for APO fraternity members

Creative Writers' Club Regular Meeting

No matter if you're a novice writer, or a writing major looking to make a career in storytelling, Creative Writers' Club is a place where...

ASA Karaoke Night

Join us for a fun Karaoke Night with ASA!

Blue Rhythmic Dance (Open Class)

Improvisational dance class that welcomes all and encourages creative movement. Combinations towards the end of class are taught by BRD...

Thursday, March 9