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Thursday, March 14

Lecture in Jones Auditorium
Moderated by Professor Bill Kennedy
5:30–6:30 p.m.

Fine Arts Gallery reception
7–9 p.m.

About the Exhibition

Seven Photography alumni currently living and working in New York City return to the Hilltop to exhibit work more than a decade after they all met in school. The group, which includes Jaime Alexis ’07John Clendenen ’08Monika Kratochvil ’08Michelle Leedy ’08Brandon Maxwell ’08Jessy Price ’08Ryan Slack ’08, reconvenes in the Fine Arts Gallery to examine their friendships, support network, and professional success since leaving St. Edward’s. They state:

Destiny isn’t a palm reader. It’s a fumbling of hands in a dark room. We all met there grasping as our eyes developed. We were in our first years of being in school, the lab, alone. Our education began with charting new constellations, each other. Bridges were built and burned, but the ones we made together lasted even as we left our homes for New York where we eventually built new ones together.

A few of us were the pioneers, the ones who stuck in the roots that enabled our community to grow on foreign land. We give thanks every day for those first internships, doorways, the tireless hours spent watching and then helping the pros, and the side jobs that kept us above water in our tiny apartments.

Using each other as a safety net, we branched out further—extending ourselves into new positions, territories and relationships. We dug deeper too, polishing the skills we earned in school with time. In the storms, our friendship served as a life raft, a comedy, a hotel—a place of relief and certainty in a universe moving toward entropy.

And here we are more than a decade later as hungry and ambitious as we were in those early days but with new focus. Our lives have gotten fuller. All the things we were fantasizing about are around us now. It’s a renewed kind of lost and found. We are on the forefront of a new era—even though we are spread out as always on Monika’s floor. The refrain “now or never” paused on our lips.



  • Jaime Alexis ’07, staff shooter and associate producer at VICE Media
  • John Clendenen ’08, senior retoucher at Droga5
  • Monika Kratochvil ’08, freelance photographer
  • Michelle Leedy ’08, freelance artist
  • Brandon Maxwell ’08, founder and creative director of Brandon Maxwell Studio and judge on Project Runway
  • Jessy Price ’08, freelance videographer and photographer
  • Ryan Slack ’08, freelance photographer and owner of Mediumplex Studio


About the Fine Arts Gallery

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