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University Programming Board

University Programming Board

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Jo's Live

Jo’s Coffee + Free Entertainment = Jo’s Live. Whether you want to showcase your skills at open mic night, test your wit against...

8/27 7pm
Topper Nights! World Two: Fall Festival

Enjoy the best of carnival games, carnival food, and win prizes at Topper Nights: Fall Festival! Free Food and Free Games!...

9/27 7pm
Topper Nights! World Three: Blues on the Hill

Fancy something special, something different? Treat yourself to a night of unbelievable entertainment like you've never seen...

10/11 7pm
Topper Nights! World Four: Hallo-Scream

Do you love dressing up? Do you wish you could wear your old Halloween costume every day?! Is Halloween one of your very...

10/25 7pm
Topper Nights! World Five: Epic e-Sports

Who said video gaming was not a group activity? Battle your fellow Toppers to win the bragging rights of Topper Champion....

11/8 7pm

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